Treated with good antibiotics
09.12.2013 23:02


Fortunately, in most of the cases of pneumonia can be treated with good antibiotics, for example, Alito my in, amoxicillin, doxy cyclone, or erythromycin.

By inhibiting the growth of pathogens your body can recover and heal. Against the fever and pain you can take a general analgesic. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Note fever and sweating that you drink enough! You can continue to support the healing process by adequate protein and vitamins to eat and take rest.

After a week to a fortnight the complaints are about. Should a case of severe pneumonia and / or complications you are hospitalized. By means of an infusion effective drugs may be administered, if necessary with the administration of additional oxygen via a nose catheter or the mask.

COPD quiz

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It is a chronic lung disease. There are approximately 320,000 people in the Netherlands who have COPD is established. But COPD is not always recognized. Do you know which COPD is caused? How do you recognize it? And what you can do about it? Distinguish the fables of the facts in this quiz.

Pulmonary embolism by varicose veins? List Of Breakthrough Videos

Pulmonary embolism, flights, pulmonary artery, thrombus formation, varicose veins, alcohol

Question by Cues

I suffer from varicose veins. I once heard that this can bring., After a long flight risk for pulmonary embolism Is this correct?


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