Regularly takes medication
11.12.2013 23:05

Sadie and Nick

When she met Nick, he considered it necessary to immediately say what disease sufferers. "I wanted him to know - in order to decide whether such a relationship with someone not risk it," says Sadie. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Nick himself adds: "I went with it, but the truth is that I did not know how to imagine what it will be when my girlfriend absolutely falls asleep without warning.

At first I was heavily - like every guy I almost unable to move, whether you get bored with me whether it is good ... but it all could just her illness.

Our relationship has improved dramatically after Sadie took up drugs. Until then, almost there - I did not know when and where to sleep, and so was difficult to plan what we will do together, and thus could not grow and grow, as it is in a normal partnership, "he shrugs.

Sadie it adds: "You know, the worst part is that all of us who do not know about the disease, think that you are simply just lazy bones, and have no idea how much you wrongs ...."


Since that time he regularly takes medication to Sadie's life radically improved. List Of Breakthrough Videos

Sleeps in the middle of words, can live a relatively normal life. She is not afraid to go to work, cook without fear of having something to happen.

He lives a normal life, one might say. Nothing should make us surprise you in any way or stop. Yet, for it is a huge win by a man who does not suffer from this disease, cannot even imagine.


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