Oily skin sebaceous glands work harder
15.12.2013 22:41

Disguise summer shine, wrinkles and various inflammations on the skin using a foundation is much more complicated. How can that be?

Often, enlarged pores and skin luster associated with its increased fat content. And this is - the individual characteristics of the organism. This skin can be in 20, and 30, and even 50 years - 10% of women in this age are faced with such a problem. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Oily skin sebaceous glands work harder and they are the cause of excessive sebum and the culprit of all - the male hormone testosterone.

It enhances their work because oily skin horny layer is much thicker than normal or dry but the problem skin - not a sentence, because modern cosmetology has a lot of funds to correct the problem. With proper care the person will remain opaque even in the hottest weather.

Proper cleansing - The main means of struggle with dilated pores is regular cleaning. Due to the dust and heat of summer skin starts to sweat and get dirty.

Because in this period is very important to clean it using a gentle gel, foam or mousse, whose composition is not included or alkali-based tools salicylic acid. Do not wash in cold water and soap - dehydrating the skin. List Of Breakthrough Videos

Too hot water will stimulate the activity of sebaceous glands. The same goes for products based on alcohol - they are able to disrupt the lipid balance and provoke even more sebum.


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