Is Endometriosis curable
10.12.2013 23:30

Is Endometriosis curable?

Yes, it is curable. Many feel they do not have, because in some cases the surgeries were not done completely.

This can occur because of technical difficulties, because it was done by professionals not enabled or the fear of removing unnecessary healthy tissue and consequently impair ovarian reserve. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

It is better to "leave" some endometrial tissue to remove pieces of the ovary leading to premature menopause or decreased ovarian reserve.

Is there an association between endometriosis and cancer?

Lately there have arisen some studies that this ratio reach 0.7 to 1% possibility of endometriosis become a cancer. However, further studies are necessary to reach a conclusion.

Call  endometriosis  the condition expressed by the presence of similar to the endometrial located outside the uterine cavity, usually in the pelvic peritoneum, ovaries and recto vaginal septum functional tissue and, although rare, can also be found in the pericardium, pleura and in the nervous system Central.

Studies suggest a prevalence of up to 20% in women of reproductive age and still say that 30-50% of infertile women have endometriosis. List Of Breakthrough Videos

The reflux of endometrial tissue through the fallopian tubes during menstruation with subsequent implantation and growth in the aforementioned places is the most widely accepted theory for the occurrence of endometriosis.

It is known that about 70 to 90% of women have retrograde menstruation, however, only a minority will develop the disease.

This suggests that there are other factors that contribute susceptibility to disease occurrence, the list:  genetic, environmental and hormonal factors.


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