Increased production of endogenous
12.12.2013 23:19

Studies have shown that increased production of endogenous opiates in animals and humans in situations of play behavior. Select Sports or sexual - it is a matter of personal taste. Fat Loss Factor Measurements Form

Give bodily pleasure themselves and others - Grooming is taking care of your body and other body - starts the production of endorphins, hormones that is mood-altering. To please you can get a massage, cuddle with my boyfriend, to dance salsa or braided hair.

Normalize sleep - Studies have shown that those who are in the doldrums, people sleep for a few hours’ more than healthy people. Also increases the proportion of REM sleep - the phase in which we visit the dream. This feature can be explained by the fact that the sunken disheartened people seek refuge in the world of fantasy from the gray reality.

One of the radical treatments for depression, known in ancient Rome, is sleep deprivation. After a sleepless night spent in conversation or play, the person returns to normal daily activities and his emotional state is markedly improved. List Of Breakthrough Videos

This is sometimes practiced in the "night after night." But if you are in severe depression, sleep deprivation may be detrimental affect on your health. Therefore, to maintain a good mood is not enough to stay in bed till noon, and wake up every day early in the morning: so you kill more than one hare - longer you stay in the sunlight.


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