Assumption of menstrual blood
10.12.2013 23:15

In this intervention, besides diagnosing surgeries like removal of cysts, adhesions and endometriosis are performed.
Before concluding this review, the diagnosis is suspected by the clinical picture, for infertility, when appropriate, and for examinations such as ultrasound (cysts or whitish spots) in the ovaries and blood tests like CA125, CA19. weight loss program http://fatlossfactoreviewscam.com/

And more recently the SAA (Protein Serum Amyloidal-A), which gives a sense of depth of endometriosis lesions. 6) How endometriosis affect fertility?

In two ways:

a)  Deforming the anatomy of the reproductive organs that stick to other organs and each other. Tubas lose mobility or become obstructed preventing the meeting of sperm

b)  Undermining quality hindering ovulation and embryo implantation.

7) All are equal endometriosis?

The severity of disease varies.

May be minimal, mild, moderate or severe

This classification, however, has no direct relation to the intensity of the symptoms. Often the signs of minimal endometriosis
are more intense than those of severe endometriosis. This classification is done through laparoscopy. 8) What causes endometriosis? Fast Food Foojoo Software http://fatlossfactoreviewscam.com/fast-food-foojoo-software/

There are several theories, but none definitively explains all possibilities.

Probably the explanation is a combination of four alternatives that will be presented: Sampson theory:  is the oldest theory. It is based on the assumption of menstrual blood does not come out completely by female genital organ at the time of menstruation.


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