Amount of glucose in the blood in pregnant women
08.12.2013 22:42

Screening: after overnight fasting morning blood was collected, and the amount of glucose in the blood currently accepted as normal fell from 110mg/dl to 100mg/dl (20% increase in the diagnosis of pre-diabetes).

Glucose values greater than 100 mg mean predisposition to diabetes. Brief Overview of Fat Loss Factor Program

Least two results as follows: fasting plasma glucose level greater than 105.0 mg / dl; 1 hour Glucose above 190.0 mg / dl;
Glucose 2

Greater than 165.0 mg / dl hours; Meter 3 hours exceeding 145.0 mg / do TEST  AND O'SULLIVAN ORAL GLUCOSE TOLERANCE OF THREE
HOURS Sometimes fasting glucose in the blood of pregnant women can rise due to changes occurring in the body during pregnancy.

For efficient study of this situation the test was developed O'Sullivan. Pregnant women do not need to be fasting, but ingests an amount of dextrose (sugar) 50g, and after an hour, your blood is collected. Glucose is measured.

If you show above 140mg/dl, the physician may request other evidence: the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test 3 hours.

To the right, a woman should be fasting for 8 hours and the test lasts for 3 hours.

3 days prior to the examination, the diet should be rich in sugars (100 to 150g of carbohydrates per day), i.e., the person should not be doing "diet" low in calories. Do not smoke on the day of collection

Kit Glucose Meter (Gluck meter): ribbons, needles and lancing device. Fat Loss Factor Success Stories


Objectives: Decrease glucose; Decrease rate of macrodome (large baby weight);


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